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Size-Exclusion Chromatography and Multi-angle Light Scattering (SEC-MALS)


This SEC-MALS system allows in-line, simultaneous analysis of size and apparent molecular weight as the protein fractions are being purified. In this way it is possible to monitor the purification, separation and formation of protein complexes in real time.

The SEC-MALS system includes a AKTA PURE M1 chromatography system linked to the miniDAWN TREOS multi-angle light scattering (MALS) instrument from Wyatt Technology Corp. The AKTA PURE M1 is a versatile chromatography system for fast purification of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids from microgram to gram levels of target product. It can also be configured for small molecule characterization and purification. It includes pumps capable of pushing liquid at a rate of up to 25 ml/min, a gradient mixer, injection value for automated injection of protein samples, and a multi-wavelength UV detector (190-700 nm). The AKTA PURE M1 system also includes a computer workstation that is preloaded with Unicorn software (Version 6.3) to facilitate instrument control, data collection and data analysis using simple, intuitive, and flexible total system control, including drag-and-drop method creation. The miniDAWN TREOS includes a 3-angle light scattering detector that can determine the absolute molecular mass of macromolecules over five orders of magnitude ranging from 200 Da to 10 MDa, as well as a molecule’s radius of gyration within the range between 10 and 50 nm. It can perform simultaneous multi-angle and dynamic light scattering (DLS) measurements in the same cell and can provide DLS and static light scattering measurements simultaneously. The tandem arrangement of these two instruments provides separation of proteins and their complexes by size-exclusion chromatography (SEC), while using the MALS to determine the accurate mass of the macromolecules as they emerge from fractionation.




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