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The VP-ITC is a powerful and sensitive, easy-to-use isothermal titration calorimeter that offers the ability to investigate any biomolecular interaction. Its fast, convenient label-free in solution analysis delivers the information needed to characterize the molecular interactions of proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids and other biomolecules. The system is widely used in research environments for lead optimization, hit validation, assessing the driving mechanisms of binding and studying enzyme kinetics and inhibitor design.


For more information on this ITC, please consult the following resource:

  • Active sample cell volume 1.4mL (2mL total for filling sample cell)
  • Active syringe volume 300 µL ( 500 µL total for filling the syringe)
  • Non-reactive Hastelloy® cells for excellent chemical resistance
  • Precision liquid delivery system for accurate and reproducible injections
  • User-selectable mixing speeds to match sample conditions
  • Operating temperature range of room temperature to 50°C
  • Peltier controlled for rapid temperature equilibration




Instrument use (independent use)

$5/hr up to $40/day



*Cost of instrument time + $50/hr Facility Manager time



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Botterell Hall, Room 667



If you have any questions please contact Xiaohu Yan at