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CytoFLEX flow cytometers and cell sorters provide rapid, multi-parametric analysis of cell populations in solution, which can be analyzed and/or purified based on their fluorescent or light scattering characteristics. This powerful tool enables the user to perform immunophenotyping panels, cell cycle analysis, and measure apoptosis. These functions have applications in immunology, molecular biology, bacteriology, virology, cancer biology and infectious disease monitoring.

We have two instruments.


CytoFLEX 1: Beckman Cytoflex S is a 4 laser (Violet-Blue-Yellow Green-Red) flow cytometer allowing analysis of samples in a multiwell round bottom plate (up to 13 fluorophores).


CytoFLEX 2: Beckman Cytoflex is a 3 laser (Violet-Blue-Red) flow cytometer allowing analysis of samples in a 12 x 75 mm tube format (up to 10 fluorophores).




Instrument use (independent use)




Booking Calendar:  Book Here


Notes on equipment use:

  • New users will receive training from Zhilin or Xiaohu prior to booking & running experiments
  • Filter locations are programmed into the software and should not be changed; all users with samples in tubes will need to consult staff to ensure system is switched back to plate mode
  • Staff will run calibration beads on days the instrument is booked
  • Evening & weekend calendar bookings will be restricted to persons with documented training & require their own calibration beads; if working evenings or weekends, a key for Rm 273 can be requested but will be revoked if not following proper cleaning and shutdown procedures
  • Mouse cell samples can be run without fixation, but most human cell (or microbial) samples will need to be fixed prior to entering Rm 273; if you are unsure of the biosafety level of your samples please consult EHS
  • Data analysis should be done remotely. Priority for the use of the computer will be dedicated to the operation of the cytoflex and data acquisition
  • All users need to perform the proper shutdown procedures as posted. Please turn the lights off and ensure the door is locked when you are done



Botterell Hall Rm 273



Training and support staff (Mon-Fri 8:30 AM-4:30 PM):

Zhilin Chen (; ext. 78238) & Xiaohu Yan (; ext 78265)