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EVOS M7000 Imager

The EVOS M7000 is an all encompassing imaging system. incorporating an on stage environment chamber and gas mix capability, the EVOS can image and scan most kinds of slides, plates or chambers, under normal and various gas mix/hypoxic conditions. with 3 fluorescent  channels (red green blue, see below for specifications) high resolution monochrome, and full colour capability. With 10-60x inverted objectives and full scanning automation, this system is a highly versatile tool for your cell research.


The EVOS M7000 Imaging System is a high-performance, fully automated, inverted, multi-channel fluorescence and transmitted light imaging system. It was developed to meet today’s expectations for image quality, user interface interactions, data generation speed and flexibility, and end-user value. The powerful and time-saving acquisition tools with enhanced autofocus algorithms and automated routines for microwell plate assays, time-lapse live cell imaging, area scanning in time lapse and Z-stacks in scan mode, and a superb optomechanical design enable the generation of publication-quality images and data with just a few clicks when and where needed.

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The EVOS M7000 Imaging System offers these advantages:
• Outstanding image quality and versatility with a 5-position objective turret, 4-color LED fluorescence and transmitted light channels, and 3.2 MP CMOS color and B/W cameras
• Exceptional usability with fully automated X/Y scanning stage, autofocus, and acquisition routines
• High-speed image acquisition coupled with multi-position well scanning, and Z-stack and tile-stitch options lend power and flexibility to your data generation
• Fully integrated time-lapse live cell imaging using the optional EVOS Onstage Incubator for precise control of temperature, gases for normoxic or hypoxic conditions, and humidity
• Powerful image analysis capabilities for cell segmentation and quantification with the optional Celleste Image Analysis Software


Fully automated imaging system

The EVOS M7000 system combines and integrates precision components with a unique modern design functionality that enables high-quality automated fluorescence imaging anywhere with unprecedented workflow efficiency. Full automation of the precision X/Y-stage movement; changing of the 4 LED fluorescent light cubes, 5-position objective turret, focus, and exposure; and switching of the dual camera make the EVOS M7000 system an exceptional platform for a variety of demanding imaging applications. Through the intuitive acquisition interface, you can program the EVOS M7000 system to run well-plate scanning, time lapse experiments, and tile-stitch/montage area scans in Z-stack and/or time-lapse modes in your vessel of choice. For live cell imaging over multiple hours or days, the optional EVOS Onstage Incubator, which functions as an environmental chamber on top of the microscope stage, is operated seamlessly from within the instrument interface. The EVOS M7000 system is compatible with all accessories for the predecessor EVOS FL Auto imaging system.

Versatile and highly configurable
With a 5-position objective turret and the ability to simultaneous acquire images in four fluorescence channels plus transmitted light, the optical system can be easily configured to meet your needs. Choose from our broad range of high quality coverslip-corrected and long-working-distance objectives for use with plastic vessels or glass sides. Available from 1.25X to 100X magnification in achromat, fluorite, or apochromat models, together with over twenty LED light cubes, the sample imaging options are limitless. Dual monochrome and color high-sensitivity dual CMOS cameras enable seamless imaging of both fluorescent and chromogenically stained samples. Interchangeable vessel holders accommodate most vessel types and sizes, including slides, multi-well plates, culture flasks, and Petri dishes, and afford precise control and sample alignment by the automated stage. The vessel creation wizard in the user interface enables creation of profiles for custom sample vessels.


Powerful software

The EVOS M7000 software presents users with an extensive suite of tools for acquisition, visualization, and analysis. The user interface was designed with a strong emphasis on usability, including an option to view samples in a single field mode (Field View) or in a window that covers a much larger area (Area View). By using a zoom function, the Area View size can be adjusted. A user can explore a large sample area at low magnification, define regions of interest, and then seamlessly transition to the Scan function in Automate Mode and execute an area scan at higher magnification.


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