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Biochemistry Undergraduate Program

Academic Inquires: 

Undergraduate Program in Biochemistry
Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
Room 815, Botterell Hall
Kingston, ON K7L 3N6
Alana Korczynski, Program Assistant
Telephone: (613) 533-2900

Biochemistry offers undergraduate degree programs through the Faculty of Arts and Science. 

The flagship program is the four year Honours Subject of Specialization Plan (BSCH-P-BSH). This plan provides the student with an in-depth training in modern experimental Biochemistry and is a preparation for entry into graduate programs. The first two years of the plan are background preparation in Chemistry (organic, analytical and physical), Biology (genetics), general Physics and Mathematics. In the third year, courses in general Biochemistry, Physical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are mandatory. In the fourth year students take four full credits in Biochemistry two of which are laboratory courses, one a winter term research project with thesis. The plan has enough flexibility for students to take elective courses in Microbiology, Physiology or other subjects in the Faculty of Arts and Science for which they are eligible. 

A four year honours degree plan, available as a major concentration, is designed for those students who want an honours training in Biochemistry but have alternate plans than graduate studies in experimental Biochemistry. The plan is identical to the first two years of the Specialization plan and includes twelve courses in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. There are opportunities for more elective credits in the third and fourth years of study compared to the Specialization plan. BCHM 421 and 422 are not available to students in the Major plan. 

The three year general degree plan (BSC-GEN), requires a concentration in Biochemistry with a minimum of eight Science courses. 

The Department is also a full participant, with the other Basic Science Departments in the Faculty of Health Sciences, in the Life Science program leading to the four year Honours Specialization plan (LISC-P-BSH) 

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