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Electron Microscopy


The Electron Microscopy (EM) Facility is in the basement of Botterell Hall on level B2.  This facility has one transmission electron microscope (TEM), a Hitachi H-7000 (TEM) as well as a Hitachi S-2300 scanning electron microscope (SEM).  Other equipment in this facility includes an RMC ultramicrotome, gold and carbon sputter coater, professional negative film scanner, and darkroom.  A dedicated technician, Dr. Xiaohu Yan, oversees the daily operation of the facility and maintains the operational usage of all the equipment.  The primary source of funding for this facility is through pay-for-service fees.  


•    Training in electron microscope operation
•    Fixation, processing and embedding of samples in EPON or LR White resin 
•    Semi-sectioning and ultra-thin sectioning of resin embedded specimens  
•    Staining of thin-section specimens
•    Sample preparation for SEM and sputter coating
•    Developing and digitalizing of TEM negatives 
•    Acquiring SEM images, back scattering image by computer and image analysis

Full Service Microscopy 

To determine whether ultrastructural data collection by TEM and/or SEM is applicable to your research, we offer a cost-effective pilot study.  We will prepare samples of your material for you at a reasonable cost. If you determine that ultrastructural data collection is suitable for your research, we can provide the full service and/or provide the necessary training on sample preparation / equipment usage.


•    TEM: Minimum charge $50.00 per 2 hour session or any portion thereof
•    SEM charge: $40/hr
•    Negative film: $3.55/ea
•    Sample processing: $75/each   fixation, osmification, dehydration, embedding/cutting
•    Embedding: $5/ea
•    Ultra-Thin/Thin-section cutting: $29 per block
•    Semi-section cutting: $12 per block
•    Grid staining: $2.45/ea

Please contact Xiaohu Yan  |  (613) 533-6000 ext 78265  |