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CRSS 453 - Principles of Cardiorespiratory Science I

 Fall 2023
 Year 4
 2-3 hours/week
 3 units
On-Campus Course

An advanced course that aims to develop a deep understanding of cardiorespiratory function at cellular, molecular, and clinical levels. The course is student-centered through presentations and written reports on topics that cover cutting-edge knowledge of physiology and diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and lungs.

Minimum 4th year (Level 4) standing, registration in a LISC/BHSc Major or SSP, a GPA of 2.5, and one of [(PHGY 215/3.0 and PHGY 216/3.0); PHGY 214/6.0; PHGY 212/6.0].

In-class delivery

  1. Gain advanced understanding of cardiorespiratory systems by scrutinizing diseased states and major discoveries.
  2. Build skills in presentation of complex topics and scientific writing.

Each student will

  1. Make PowerPoint (PPT) presentations on 2 different topics in groups of 3 students (first PPT, 15 marks; second PPT, 25 marks; 15+25=40 marks);
  2. Write 3 reports on additional topics (15×3=45 marks) and;
  3. Take one in-class exam on topics studied over the classes (15 marks).

PPT presentation: Two different topics will be randomly assigned to each student. Each topic will be presented in groups of three for a 20 min in-class presentation followed by a 10 min discussion. Assessment is based on clarity and organization of presentation, depth of the material, communication skills and responses to questions. PPT submission deadline on onQ: Sundays at 11:59 p.m. EST on the indicated dates in the course schedule.

Report: Students who do not make PPT presentations will write and submit one report on one of the topics presented in the previous week. Each student will submit a total of 3 reports over the course. The weeks in which a student chooses to submit reports are at his/her discretion, allowing for flexibility to explore the topics that most interest him/her. Each report will be 4 pages double-spaced on letter-sized paper with 2.5 cm margins and 12-point font (Times New Roman). The 4-page limit is exclusive of figures, list of references, and comments on previous PPT. Students cannot write a report on a topic he/she presented with PPT. Report submission deadline on onQ: Sundays at 11:59 p.m. EST on a topic presented in the previous week.

Exam: A small (30 min) multiple-choice question exam will take place during the last class.

No textbook required

Queen’s Official Grade Conversion Scale

Grade  Numerical Course Average (Range)

A+            90-100

A              85-89

A-             80-84

B+            77-79

B              73-76

B-             70-72

C+            67-69

C              63-66

C-             60-62

D+            57-59

D              53-56

D-             50-52

F              49 and below