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DDHT 459 - Principles of Drug Discovery

 Fall 2023
 Year 4
 9-10 hours/week
 3 units
On-Campus Course

Advanced study of the early stage components involved in the complex process of drug development including target identification, design and synthesis, structure activity relationships, in vitro and in vivo efficacy determination, biochemical and biological optimization.

NOTE  Priority given to students in the LISC Specialization Plan, DDHT Sub-Plan.

PHAR 270/3.0 or PHAR 340/3.0 or PHAR 370/3.0.

Recommended: PHAR 416/3.0

PHAR 480/3.0

Exposure to problems facing drug development programs

Oral presentation of problem solutions: 40%

Summary reports of problem solutions: 40%

Participation during class discussions: 10%

This week in Pharma: 5%

Peer assessment: 5%

Students can expect to spend approximately 10 hours per week on this course

Letter Grade Percentage
A+ 90-100
A 85-89.9
A- 80-84.9
B+ 77-79.9
B 73-76.9
B- 70-72.9
C+ 67-69.9
C 63-66.9
C- 60-62.9
D+ 57-59.9
D 53-56.9
D- 50-52.9
F 0-49.9