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IDIS 173 History and Philosophy of Health and Healthcare

 Fall 2023 (Blended & Online), Winter 2024 (Online)
 Year 1
 3 units
On-Campus Course
Online Course

Dr. Jeremy Butler (Blended)

IDIS 173, History and Philosophy of Health and Healthcare, is a multidisciplinary course organized around five major fields of scientific endeavour in the BHSc program: anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, and population and global health. In each course module, we begin with the historical evolution of one of these subject areas and focus on the people, events and discoveries that have had the biggest impact on its development. Against this backdrop, we move to the present day where we encounter lively controversies within each field that invite us to think deeply about how technological innovations, social values and science interact.

Note: The Blended offering of this course is only available to students registered in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program.

PHIL 201/3.0