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IDIS 199 The Science of Mental Health, Well-being, and Resiliency

 Fall 2023 (Online), Winter 2024 (Online)
 Year 1
 3 units
Online Course

IDIS 199, The Science of Mental Health, Well-Being, & Resiliency, is a course designed for undergraduate students across all programs. This course will impart relevant evidence across disciplines including psychology, sociology, medicine, kinesiology, and applied neuroscience to understand the science behind mental health, well-being, and resiliency in emergent adults.

In IDIS 199, students will learn about the emergent adult brain, genetic and psychosocial contributors to mental health, exposures common to university life which can detract from well-being, as well as actionable habits and healthy choices that can help individuals succeed both academically and personally. Topics to be covered include an overview of conceptual approaches to defining and measuring mental health, mental health problems and mental illness, the impact of sleep habits, distress tolerance and self-regulation on well-being, and an introduction to effective coping such as participation in arts and culture, exercise and recreation, and healthy lifestyle choices. A brief overview of effective clinical approaches to emerging mental health problems and available resources will also be covered.

HLTH 102/3.0