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IDIS 280 Interprofessional Approaches in Healthcare

 Fall 2023 (Online), Winter 2024 (Online)
 Year 2
 3 units
Online Course

Dr. Rosemary Brander

This course aims to prepare learners with the knowledge and capabilities for working within complex interprofessional environments as common in the healthcare sector. These capabilities are referred to as ‘interprofessional competencies’, as developed by healthcare experts and leaders in Canada, and described in The National Interprofessional Competency Framework. The six competencies are: patient/client/family/community-centred care, interprofessional communication, role clarification, team functioning, interprofessional conflict resolution and collaborative leadership. These competencies can be mapped to CanMEDS roles and comparable health discipline competencies. The course is designed as a series of modules, introducing the basics of collaborative practice in healthcare and the six interprofessional competencies, culminating in the application of knowledge to authentic patient scenarios and effective collaborative teamwork.

Minimum 2nd year (Level 2) standing or permission of the instructor.