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IDIS 480 Advanced Interprofessional Approaches in Healthcare

 Fall 2023 (Online)
 Year 4
 3 units
Online Course

Dr. Rosemary Brander

This course, the second of two, presents philosophies and methodologies crucial for safe and excellent teamwork in healthcare. It aims to prepare learners with additional knowledge and advanced capabilities to work within complex interprofessional environments, common in diverse workplaces, and indispensable in the healthcare sector. These capabilities, referred to as the ‘interprofessional competencies’ in The National Interprofessional Competency Framework were introduced previously in IDIS 280. They will be expanded and applied in greater detail for the advanced learner.

In-depth knowledge and complex skill development will be examined in the following areas: theoretical and global frameworks for collaborative practice and health equity; intercultural communication; teamwork processes; communication tools for safe work in healthcare; philosophies of health, wellness and well-being; and collaborative leadership. Models for effective healthcare teams, via the utilization of knowledge and skills from all stakeholders including patient/client, family, and community partnerships, will be introduced on a community and system levels and applied in authentic scenarios. The course is designed as a series of modules that will address these advanced collaborative teamwork competencies. A significant portion of the course assessments will be application-based, leading students to apply the principles of team-based learning and collaborative practice in group situations.

Minimum 4th year (Level 4) standing and IDIS 280/3.0 or permission from the instructor.

(Note: Students with advanced qualifications, and/or experience related to collaborative interprofessional practice may be considered without IDIS 280 at the consideration and permission of the instructor.)