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IDIS 483 Applied Health Ethics: Clinical, Organizational, and Research Perspectives

 Fall 2023 (Blended)
 Year 4
 3 units
On-Campus Course

Dr. Jeremy Butler

IDIS 483 is an applied health ethics course that uses course readings, interactive classroom discussion, and case-based active learning opportunities to prepare students to navigate the complex ethical challenges they will face as they enter diverse professional roles in the health system. Course material and discussions will equip students with ethical concepts, techniques of ethical deliberation and reasoning, and knowledge of contextual health-system factors such as relevant legislation, policy, and professional college standards. Through individual and group-based participation in the active learning opportunities, students will apply course content to concrete issues in contemporary clinical, organizational and research ethics, while imaginatively engaging with perspectives and values of diverse roles and stakeholders within the health system.

Minimum 4th year (level 4) standing and IDIS 373/3.0, or permission of the instructor.


Note: Priority will be given to students registered in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program