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MICR 436 / BMED 836 - Microbial Genetics


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, contact Course Coordinator: R. Keith Poole

Course Description: 

This course provides students with exposure to selected topics in the field of microbial genetics, focusing on the processes of heredity in bacteria including a discussion of gene structure and evolution, gene expression and its control, the exchange of genetic material in the microbial world and genetic engineering and its applications. The laboratory component will emphasize modern approaches to genetic engineering. This course is offered in alternate years.

Course Objectives: 

Basic and advanced material related to microbial genetics and applied molecular microbiology will be introduced to students through various student-lead exercises, including small-group tutorials, oral presentations of assigned and selected research papers, ongoing laboratory exercises and a class-end poster session where students will research and present, in a conference-style poster format, topics relevant to microbial genetics. It is hoped that this will provide a more involved, hands-on experience for the students, who will, thus, take a more active role in the course and in the learning experience.

PREREQUISITE:  BIOL 205/3.0 and (MICR 221/3.0 or MICR 271/3.0 or MICR 229/3.0 with a minimum grade of B) and (Registration in the LISC Major or Specialization Plan) and (a GPA of 2.5).

COREQUISITE:  BCHM 310/9.0 or BCHM 315/3.0 or BIOL 334/3.0.

Queen’s Official Grade Conversion Scale

Grade  Numerical Course Average (Range)

A+            90-100

A              85-89

A-             80-84

B+            77-79

B              73-76

B-             70-72

C+            67-69

C              63-66

C-             60-62

D+            57-59

D              53-56

D-             50-52

F              49 and below