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ANAT 471 Human Embryology

 Fall 2023 (Online), Winter 2024 (Blended)
 Year 4
 3 units
On-Campus Course
Online Course

ANAT 471 is a course on human embryology that uses a series of carefully curated online modules, group learning activities, assignments, and inquiry-based learning, to enable students to explore the stages of normal human embryonic and fetal development, as well as some of the underlying mechanisms involved in common congenital or developmental abnormalities. Through active and collaborative learning, students will need to apply knowledge gained from the course material to investigate and critically assess key concepts in embryology research. In addition, students will need to apply course content and think critically in completing a problem-based learning (PBL) assignment. The course has various types of assessments including low stakes online quizzes, a journal club, a PBL developmental abnormality investigation, and a midterm and final exam.

Minimum 3rd year (level 3) standing and one of [(ANAT 100/3.0; ANAT 101/3.0 and ANAT 380/3.0); (ANAT 215/3.0 and ANAT 216/3.0); (ANAT 315/3.0 and ANAT 316/3.0)].

ANAT 417/3.0