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Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Research in this field is focused on understanding the fundamental processes of life and human disease at the cellular and molecular level.  Areas of expertise include protein structure/function analysis using biophysical techniques, NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography, enzyme catalytic mechanisms, cell signalling pathways, cytoskeletal proteins, gene expression regulation and metabolism.


S. Abraham: Haematopoietic and cancer stem cell biology

J. Allingham: Structure and function of kinesin motor proteins

B. Banfield: Molecular and cellular biology of viruses

M. G. Blennerhassett: Effects of inflammation on the nerve-smooth muscle relationship of the intestine

I. Brockhausen: Biochemical mechanisms underlying diseases such as inflammation, infections and cancer.

C. Capicciotti:

E.Y.W. Chan: Regulation of the autophagy/mitophagy stress response pathway

S.P.C. Cole: Anti-cancer drug resistance

C. ColpittsVirus-host interactions and innate immune evasion by positive-sense RNA viruses

G. P. Côté: Structure and function of protein kinases

A. Craig: Signal transduction in hematopoietic cells

S. K. Davey: DNA repair mechanisms

P. L. Davies: Antifreeze proteins and calpain

Q. Duan: Pan-omics investigation of biological networks contributing to variable drug response and multifactorial diseases.

N. Ghasemlou: Immune response to nervous system injury and disease

P. A. Greer: Proto-oncogenes in cancer

B. C. Hill: Membrane bioenergetics

Z. Jia: Protein crystallography

G. Jones: Vitamin D metabolism and cytochrome P-450s

F. W. K. Kan: Sperm-egg interaction and reproductive function

C. LohansAntibiotic resistance, focusing on beta-lactam antibiotics and beta-lactamases

A. S. Mak: Podosomes and cell invasion

R. J. Oko: Biology of mammalian sperm components during fertilization

P. M. Petkovich: Retinoic acid signaling

W.C. Plaxton: Plant biochemistry and metabolism

S. P. Smith: NMR spectroscopy of proteins

V. Walker: Stress genes and the molecular basis of resistance