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Therapeutics, Drug Development, and Human Toxicology

The focus of this field is on the effects, both beneficial and deleterious, of chemicals including drugs and environmental contaminants, on human health.  Studies are conducted at levels ranging from specific target molecules to intact organisms and can be directed towards specific diseases, organs, organ systems, or disease processes.


M. A. Adams: Mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of vascular calcification in chronic kidney disease and development of new therapeutic strategies for prevention and treatment of this condition 

B. M. Bennett: Pharmacology of the nitric oxide/guanylyl cyclase/cGMP signal transduction system

J. F. Brien: Nitric oxide, carbon monoxide and vascular function

S. P.C. Cole: Anti-cancer drug resistance

A. Ellis: Allergic diseases

I. Gilron: Clinical management of pain

T. E. Massey: Biochemical and molecular toxicology of the lung

D. H. Maurice: Phosphodiesterases and vascular function

K. Nakatsu: Pharmacology of carbon monoxide and heme oxygenases

C. J. Nicol: Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR)-mediated influence on breast and colon cancer

T. R.S. Ozolinš: Developmental toxicology: ventricular septation defects

E. O. Petrof: Probiotics, microbial-epithelial cell interactions in the gut, and the effects of intestinal bacteria on inflammation

J. N. Reynolds: Neurotoxicology of alcohol

M. Szewczuk: Role of Toll-like receptors in inflammation and infection

L. M. Winn: Developmental toxicology