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Reproduction and Developmental Sciences

Research in this field spans clinical and basic science, with a focus on fertilization and embryo implantation, perinatal health, women’s health, pregnancy complications, sexual dysfunction, and fetal and maternal programming.  Studies are conducted at the level of select patient populations, whole animal models, and in vitro systems.


B.A. Croy: Functions, mechanisms of activation and lineage relationships of immune competent cell populations that home to the maternal-fetal interface during mammalian pregnancy
R. Easteal: Learning Modalities, working memory and interactive teaching
C.H. Graham: Cancer progression and the biology of the human placenta
F.W.K. Kan: Regulatory role of glycoproteins secreted by the oviduct in sperm-egg interaction and reproductive functions
M. Koti: Inflammation and chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer
L. Mackenzie: Pedagogy in anatomical sciences
R.J. Oko: Developmental biology of specialized mammalian sperm head and tail components and their roles during fertilization
T.R.S. Ozolins: Developmental toxicology: ventricular septation defects (VDS)
S.C. Pang: Structure and function of the cardiovascular system in health and disease
C. Reifel: The study of human congenital malformations in a collection of human fetuses displaying a wide range of rare developmental anomalies
G.N. Smith: Adverse obstetrical events
C. Tayade:  Understanding the pathophysiology of endometriosis
L. M. Winn: Developmental toxicology