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Nicolle Domnik PhD
 Nicolle Domnik
Assistant Professor; DBMS
Postdoctoral Fellow; Medicine
Contact Info

Dr. Domnik has been engaged in lectureship roles at Queen’s since January 2014, contributing to the Life Sciences, Nursing, and Undergraduate Medical curricula. Commitments for 2019-2020 include coordination of PHGY 216 (Mammalian Physiology II), PHGY 350 (Pathophysiology) and PHGY 355 (Biomedical Respiratory Physiology). She is currently applying her background in autonomic control of the cardiorespiratory system in a clinical physiology setting, investigating the nocturnal mechanics of breathing in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (CIHR Banting Fellow 2017-2019) with Dr. Denis O’Donnell. She is an active member of the Canadian Lung Association’s Scientific Advisory Committee and passionate about the ability of research to inform policy, best practices, and citizen engagement.

Research Areas:

COPD, Sleep, Respiratory Mechanics, Autonomic Regulation, Heart Rate Variability