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Charles H. Graham PhD
 Charles H. Graham
Contact Info
Botterell Hall, Room 859

Research Interests

Our research focuses on certain aspects of cancer progression and on complications of pregnancy and their impact on subsequent health. Specifically, our cancer studies have led us to investigate mechanisms by which the local tumour microenvironment contributes to the acquisition of metastatic behaviour, ability to escape from immune destruction, and resistance to therapy in malignant cells. Our research on pregnancy aims for a better understanding of the relationships between fetally-derived placental trophoblast cells and maternal tissues and how disruption of such relationships can lead to diseases of pregnancy and subsequent increased risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease in the affected mothers and their offspring. 

Sources of Research Funds: Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Graham, Charles H. Lab

Ms. Shannyn Macdonald-Goodfellow, Research Associate
Dr. Jean-François Paré, Research Associate
Dr. Tiziana Cotechini, Post-Doctoral Fellow
Ms. Nicole Protopapas, PhD Student
Mr. Harrison Loh, MSc Student
Mr. William Tran, 4th-year Undergraduate Research Student
Lori Minassian, PhD Student
Erin Vink, 499 Student
Arielle Grossman, 499 Student
Aline Atallah, 499 Student