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Wendy L. Wobeser MD
 Wendy L. Wobeser
Associate Professor
Contact Info
221 Queen Street

Faculty Bio

Dr. Wobeser has considerable expertise in the fields of HIV and Tuberculosis. She maintains clinical studies in the field of HIV and epidemiologic studies of Tuberculosis.

Selected Publications

  1. Andany N, Raboud JM, Walmsley S, Diong C, Rourke SB, Rueda S, Rachlis A, Wobeser  W, MacArthur RD, Binder L, Rosenes R, Loutfy M.

                  Ethnicity and Gender Differences in Lipodystrophy of HIV-Positive Individuals Taking Antiretroviral Therapy in Ontario, Canada.  HIV Clin Trials 2011;12:89-103